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Jan Claeys openstandaarden at janc.cjb.net
Fri Jul 18 15:55:04 CEST 2003

At 2003-07-18 11:05, David GLAUDE wrote:
> I found the following link http://dossiers.lesoir.be/Verhofstadt2 to a 
> french version of the "accord du gourvernement". I am looking for a 
> flemish version so that quote of interesting infomation can be done in 
> both language. Actually putting both version in wiki or clean html 
> format might be interesting for documentation purpose (at least keep a 
> backup) I don't think there is a copyright on that. ;-)

The original PDF version is linked from this page:
(Probably you'll have to choose "nl" to see the Dutch version.)

And this is the "déclaration gouvernementale"

> I also found a french version of who do what in the government and it is
> http://wiki.ael.be/index.php/AnalysePolitiqueVerhofstad2Composition


> One problem I have is that I was not able to find in which party 
> Vincent Van Quickenborne is currently. I guessed VLD but I might be 
> wrong. So help is required here.

That's right: he's a member of the VLD now.

Jan Claeys

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