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Wim Stubbe wim at linuxbabe.be
Fri Jul 25 23:16:23 CEST 2003

Zonet binnengekregen van de maillist van asbl-libre. Zelfs de pizzazak is nu 
gepatenteerd, niet enkel het fabrikatieproces maar de zak zelf ook.

En dan maar beweren dat er geen triviale patenten toegekend worden. 

Een fragment:


Load carrying device 

A carrier is disclosed for use by a person for carrying a load which is to be 
carried in an essentially horizontal condition. The carrier is shaped so 
that, in use, it provides a base for supporting the base of the load being 
carried, and includes a handle or loop which is located, in use, essentially 
centrally above the load. The carrier is in the form of a bag, which is 
sufficiently large at its lower end to accommodate the load to be carried in 
its essentially horizontal condition. The bag is provided with holes or 
cut-out portions dimensioned and positioned so as to receive the corners or 
other projecting portions of the load for stabilizing the load in its 
essentially horizontal condition. A method for making such a carrier, from an 
existing carrier bag, is also provided. 

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Subject: [asbl-libre] brevet pour le sac à Pizza
Date: Friday 25 July 2003 22:27
From: Alexandre Dulaunoy <alexandre.dulaunoy at ael.be>
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Le sachet à pizza breveté...

L""""""invention""""""  n'est  pas  uniquement  sur  le  processus  de
fabrication mais aussi sur le sachet lui-même...

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