[Openstandaarden] Hoe gaat het nog met XviD, Vorbis/Theora en Jabber?

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at UGent.be
Mon May 17 00:30:07 CEST 2004


omdat ik me afvroeg hoe het eigenlijk nog gaat met die projecten heb ik 
het vlug maar eens opgezocht (mss vr velen/sommigen oud nieuws, maar 
bon). Een klein, maar toch ":-)" overzicht:

:-) XviD 1.0.0:                                               (16/05/04)

     The development team is happy to announce the immediate availability
     of XviD 1.0.0 release. Though this version number is purely
     symbolic, it's still an important step, and the "xvid-team" hopes
     you'll enjoy all the efforts that have been put in this 1.0 numbered
     version. Thanks to all users who: reported bugs, sent patches and
     helped us improve XviD up to an 1.0 quality level.

:-) Icecast2 & Theora => royalty-free video streaming:        (25/02/04)

     Through two independent implementations, one by Karl Heyes and
     another by Daniel Holth, pre-encoded Ogg Theora files can now be
     streamed with Icecast2.
     This is exciting news as, for the first time, royalty-free video
     streaming is possible. We may be just months away from opening the
     market to small web-based television stations which could not afford
     streaming licenses or per-viewer royalties previously imposed on

:-) Helix & Ogg Vorbis/Ogg Theora:                            (21/01/04)

     First, RealNetworks has awarded the Xiph.Org foundation one of its
     Helix Grants to support continued development of Ogg, second, the
     Real Helix player now supports Vorbis and [alpha-release] Theora,
     and third, Real has announced its intention to support Ogg across
     client, server and native production tools.

:-) Helix & Jabber => Distributed Multimedia                  (21/01/04)

     Over the last five years, the Jabber community has defined a set of
     XML streaming protocols, which are used for instant messaging and a
     wide range of other real-time applications.  RealNetworks is forging
     a new relationship with this community with the extension of this
     grant.  "Existing Jabber technologies will be significantly enhanced
     through  integration with Helix, and Helix in turn will be enhanced
     by the real-time communications infrastructure that the Jabber
     protocols provide. This win-win synergy will help the Jabber and
     Helix communities become even more important in the Internet
     ecosystem over the next 12 months," said Ulrich Staudinger,
     Principal Investigator of this Grant Proposal.

Mattias Campe

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